Putin Reportedly Confirms That Russia is Actively Working on Psychotronic Weapons!


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  • A new generation of weapons based on Tesla scalar waves technology are here. They are used to manipulate the weather, cause earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes … anti-missile system, simulate nuclear devices explosion … mind control over large areas or individual person.. etc.

    Putin Reportedly Confirms that Russia is Actively Working on Psychotronic Weapons! 
    ByMadison Ruppert,The Intel Hub  
    Psychotronic weaponry is probably one of the least known and little understood fields in military research, as it is truly something which one would relegate to the realm of science fiction if they were not aware of the facts behind it. In fact, it is so poorly understood that even some journalists like Sam Biddle of Gizmodo and the Australian Herald Sun show a disturbing amount of ignorance on the subject.
    These weapons, which were confirmed by none other than Vladimir Putin, Russian President Elect, according to the

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